VirtualKeyboard v1.7.1 WiN [MOCHA]

VirtualKeyboard v1.7.1 WiN [MOCHA]

MOCHA | VST2/VST3/SAL | 139.3 MB

VirtualKeyboard is a highly configurable virtual keyboard for use as a MIDI Instrument or Logic MIDI Effect plugin, or as a standalone program. Display multi-channel MIDI notes in a resizable keyboard layout to visualize the harmony, learn new songs, show what you are playing in your video demos or send notes by clicking on its keys if you don’t have a MIDI controller. The standalone version includes a free download of an acoustic piano.

Main features:

• Drag and Drop your recordings to and from your DAW instantly to create layered one-shots in a heart beat.
• MIDI Learn: almost every button and toggle of the plug-in can be linked to your MIDI controller (right-click on them with your mouse to configure them).
• Automatic naming (with user tags, bars or your host BPM) helps you save your recordings quickly. You don’t have to type a file name each time that you save.
• The “Start” modes will allow you to sync your loops with your host bars or beats, but you can also manually start and stop it independently of the host transport with an automatable “Start” button.
• Enable the built-in crossfades for a click-free experience or disable them for pure non-destructive recordings (see the “Settings” section for more details).
• Undo and redo buttons are included (up to 50 undos supported).
• Create overdubbed loops with “Auto Load”.
• A silence detector discards empty buffers (click on “Settings” to set the threshold level).
• Save automatically ideas while you play with “Auto Save”.
• Use it as a recorder and save time when you export: no need to move the export markers anymore, just press play where you want to start and stop where you want to finish.
• Insert this plugin anywhere in your mixing chain to record the effect of non-automatable parameters.
• Use the metronome to record live music (adjust the click gain in “Settings”).
• Sync the time signature and BPM with your host or set your own.
• Record mono from the left or right input channel (click on “Settings” to select the input channel).
• Save your recordings in 16-bit, 24-bit or 32-bit (click on “Settings” to select the Bit Depth).
• Save your settings as default so that the next time that you open LoopRecorder everything is ready.
• Last but not least, enjoy our entirely resizable UI.

After installing > open VirtualKeyboard go to Settings > ReScan sounds


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