Uncut Bundle For ABLETON LiVE

Uncut Bundle For ABLETON LiVE

Uncut Bundle For ABLETON LiVE

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Just landed: our two freshest Ableton Live packs in one powerful bundle.

Hot off the press, _Trip Machines and _Glitch CNTRL are tearing up the Psytrance scene with their revolutionary new take on psychedelic sound design.

First, let’s meet Trip Machines: a deep collection of ultra-inspirational instruments for Live 10, ranging from immersive atmospheres, through stuttering percussion, metallic FMs, twisted, liquidy FX patches, and Psytrance leads.

On to Glitch CNTRL: a toolkit of stuttering, glitching and sound-bending devices ready to drop on to any of your Live channels. Warped transitions, pitched echoes, grinding chaos, detailed stutters. It’s all here.

Please note that this bundle does contain all four of the Radical Devices ◄
Take your sound design for a ride.

One of the defining qualities of this collection of mad machines is how each patch starts with a signature sound which can be pushed into complete chaos, then returned immediately back to the starting point. Hundreds of expert macros are waiting for you to map and modulate.
Keep your production moving.

The packs’ architect, Raffael Willi AKA touring artist Jumpstreet, initially approached us with his collection of original racks he uses to keep his own production exciting and quick-moving, and we were blown away by the instant creative possibilities.

After months of development, tireless macro programming and road-testing, the Uncut Bundle for Live has quickly become the go-to toolkit for modern Psytrance producers.
Grab. Go. Drop. Rock.

Read each product’s individual descriptions:

Trip Machines for Live
Take a trip into new depths of creative possibility.

Ableton 10 users, let’s go deeper. _Trip Machines is an extensive new collection of boundary-breaking Psytrance-specific instruments designed for the busy producer.

Within the suite, you’ll find 72 instruments across six categories: Atmospheres, FX, Psy Leads, Psy FMs, Percussive and Experimental, giving you a fresh new palette to craft your next masterpiece.

Glitch CNTRL for Live
A suite of heavy manipulation racks that speaks your language.

We all know that there’s a crowded arena of glitch processors and plugins out there. But now it’s time for a collection aimed specifically at Psytrance producers.

Warped transitions? Check. Grid sound generators? In the bag. Groundbreaking FX processing? Got it. Voice sample wizardry? Let’s do this.
Cosmic Innovation.

Designed exclusively for Ableton Live 10 users, _Glitch CNTRL is your new toolkit of machines and macros which will elevate your production to cosmic proportions. The suite was lovingly designed by Raffael Willi AKA Jumpstreet, whose mischievous programming and tireless attention to detail delivers a professional-grade power-punching production experience.
Radical Devices.

_Glitch CNTRL also contains two custom Max for Live devices made by Jumpstreet, the Disfigurer and Pitchmangler. Drop these into your project to bring a whole new level of whacky processing to your next track.

The Uncut Bundle contains all four Max for Live devices found in Radical Devices.

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