Mastering Workshop #10 TUTORiAL

Mastering Workshop #10 TUTORiAL

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Brought to you from Sterling Sound in New Jersey, this series is led by mastering engineer Idania Valencia!

For her MWTM debut, Idania gives a comprehensive walkthrough of her philosophy, workflow, and techniques. Demonstrating her expertise on six different projects, she conveys how to efficiently use a handful of plug-ins to consistently achieve ‘in the box’ results on par with high-end analog chains. She also discusses monitoring, SRC, loudness penalisation, and much more!

Part 1
13 min
Philosophy, studies, internship, assisting, setup, DAW of choice, mix vs. stem mastering, genre-based focus

Part 2
15 min
Target levels, ‘louder vs. better’ psychology, DSP normalisation, penalisation triggers, optimising for algorithms

Part 3
07 min
Sample rate, bit depth, SRC, streaming platform resolutions, playback device capabilities, advancements

Part 4
15 min
Studio design, monitoring environments, translation, headphone QC, distortion, analog vs. digital processing

Part 5
10 min
Mastering ‘It Takes Two’ by Fiji Blue

Part 6
10 min
Mastering ‘Lose my Mind’ by James Arthur

Part 7
12 min
Mastering ‘Casinò’ by Lucrezia

Part 8
08 min
Mastering ‘When’ by Moyka

Part 9
06 min
Mastering ‘Loved You A Little’ by The Maine ft. Taking Back Sunday & Charlotte Sands

Part 10
07 min
Mastering ‘Handle with Care’ by Francis Karel


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