JPS Harmonic Synthesizer v2.0.0-DECiBEL

JPS Harmonic Synthesizer v2.0.0

DECiBEL | 02 Apr 2022 | 283.8 MB

With an all-analog audio path, and rock-solid digital harmonic oscillators, the RMI Harmonic Synthesizer was the world’s first digital synthesizer.

Produced in very limited quantities for a very short period in the mid-1970s, at long last here is your opportunity to own a loving recreation of this beautiful, and exceptionally ultra-rare, classic American synthesizer.

Best known for its prominent role in Oxygéne, where it was used extensively (and usually through an Electric Mistress flanger) for basses (Parts II and IV), leads (Parts IV and V) and sequences (Part V), the RMI was almost a decade ahead of its time.

With surprisingly deep but clean and harmonically rich basses and cutting leads, this restored version improves on the original by adding extra features such as a 4-stage envelope and polyphony, its slightly lo-fi waveform will add a unique character and texture to your tracks.

The JPS Harmonic Synthesizer v2 devices requires Reason 10 or above.

– The Original, Ultra-Rare Additive Synth
– Lovingly Recreated, and with New Features
– Still Reassuringly Lo-Fi


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