Weighted Random Generator (For Max For Live Devices) [FREE]

Weighted Random Generator For Max For Live


Yet another random note generator? Yes, but with an important difference: the random stream of notes is given structure and shape by weighting the probablility a note will be chosen. This means that some notes will be played more often than others and the result is much more musical than a simple stochastic algorithm.

Another critical difference in terms of musicality is the random generator is based on a 2-octave set of notes. A 2-octave note selector can better accommodate any key, no need to wrap the scale around and compress it into a single octave. Also, if you’re familiar with chord inversions, a 2-octave selector can preserve the inversions you’re using.

I’ve designed this device with musicality in mind, it’s really well suited to music structured around chords and scales, so, if that’s your thing, you’ll get a lot out of this device.

Weighted Random Generator Max For Live MIDI Effect plugin.


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