WEDGE FORCE Keemun v1.0.2 WiN

WEDGE FORCE Keemun v1.0.2 WiN

04.2022 | x64 EXE VST VST3 AAX | 3.45 GB

Like having a professional bass player inside your keyboard
WEDGE FORCE Keemun is an innovative musical instrument that recreates the sound of a professionally-recorded bass DI, allowing keyboard players to craft realistic and expressive bass lines all on their own.

Clean, high quality Bass DI tones ready for your favorite effects
Because so many of the most legendary bass lines in history have been recorded with nothing but a good DI input, Keemun gives impressively massive results right out of the box, with just a touch of EQ and other processing. But Keemun is at its best when it is REAMPED with your own favorite bass rigs and effects—whether physical or virtual—for even more unique and inspiring tones.

Better than sampled bass
Ordinary sampled basses have never quite sounded realistic because the harmonic resonances of a real bass are different for each quick combination of notes. This is why WEDGE FORCE built their proprietary “Synthetic Force Engine II”. It combines studio sampled waveforms of the world’s most iconic custom-made basses and recording chains with real-time synthesized sounds.

Capture a bass player’s full range of expression
Unlike other bass synths and samplers, Keemun synthesizes each note in real time, using algorithms that are carefully designed to preserve the original waveform’s timbre during pitch bending, sliding, muting, slapping, plucking, picking, pulling and pinching of bass harmonics.

Fast enough for live performance, easy on the CPU
Keemun’s sound engine has been optimized for performance up to the last CPU cycle to free up resources for the effects and synths may be running alongside it. Using 64bit double precision for internal calculations, the latency of WEDGE FORCE software instruments is close to zero—less than 1 millisecond—so it feels and responds just like a real instrument should.

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