Vocal Production For Non Vocalists with Mary Zimmer TUTORiAL

Vocal Production For Non Vocalists TUTORiAL

21 May 2022 | 4.95 GB

Hey everyone, I’ve been a vocal coach since 2002 and I am delighted to be your guide for this Fast Track. I am a classically trained singer who’s coached hundreds of students to sing in multiple genres and over the years I have become a specialist in extreme rock/metal vocals and screaming.

In addition to being a vocal coach, I’m a metal vocalist and session vocalist, having previously been signed to record labels like Century Media and Peaceville. After years of both coaching vocalists in studios and singing in them myself, I realized that the more vocal knowledge the producer came armed with, the better the vocal recordings would be.

I decided to put together an awesome combination of tricks that you can actually USE to get the most out of a vocalist in the studio. I’ve turned the mysterious, intangible world of vocal coaching into something tangible, straightforward and effective – in a package just for producers.

Some of my best kept secrets and tips are inside this Fast Track – I’ve never put information like this together anywhere before. So, I hope you’re ready to dive in and get the most out of the next singer you have in the studio. Enjoy!

Mary Zimmer
VoiceHacks by Mary Z


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