UVI Drum Replacer Explained TUTORiAL

UVI Drum Replacer Explained TUTORiAL

28 May 2021 | 843 MB

Gary Hiebner delivers in-depth UVI Drum Replacer video tutorials! If you’ve ever wanted to change or replace your track’s drum sounds, this software from UVI is the way to do it. See how by using machine learning-based analysis with realtime component separation and triggering, this plug-in will provide effortless audio component separation and triggering, all with a sophisticated feature set and elegant workflow. These videos are for new UVI Drum Replacer users.

Gary welcomes you and starts off by showing you how to setup the tracks in your DAW to prepare for drum replacement, followed by how to add audio samples as triggers, and properly setting the threshold point for effective sample triggering. Gary then explains and explores the other available waveform adjustment parameters, shows you how to re-pitch your triggered samples, and how the Separation Module works to fine-tune your sample triggering for best results.

Next, you’ll discover how to use the Detection Module and its numerous parameters to hone in your triggering, as well as how to use the Ducking option on your dry output for better results and sound. Gary then reveals how you can load up multiple triggered parts and mix them together for an even more realistic sound, how to utilize the other Trigger Modes such as Random, Sequence, and the Velocity Modes, set up a VST instrument as the triggered replacement sound, and much more.

To see what these UVI Drum Replacer tutorials show you, and how they’ll allow you to produce way better drum sounds for your songs and productions, see the individual UVI Drum Replacer video descriptions on this page. Make your beats more bangin’ now… Watch “UVI Drum Replacer Explained®” today!


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