The Ultimate Vocal Course To Sing R&B Soul & Pop TUTORiAL

Vocal Course To Sing R&B Pop TUTORiAL

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Learn the fundamental singing techniques to sing Pop, R&B and Soul.

What you’ll learn
The foundations & fundamental singing techniques for R&B, Pop and Soul singers.
Correct breathing techniques for R&B, Pop and Soul singers.
You will develop vocal runs, confidence, control and a beautiful singing tone.
How to correctly warmup and maintain your voice.
How to learn ,work through, interpret and sing a R&B or Pop song correctly.
You will develop a better ear and pitch recognition.
This course is developed for beginners, intermediate and advanced singers wanting to hone their skills in the genres of Pop, R&B and Soul.
Start developing your Pop, R&B and Soul voice with this easy, fun and interactive step-by-step short course for those with basic to intermediate vocal skills wanting to take their Pop, R&B and Soul voice to the next level. Every thing you need to know about Pop, R&B and Soul singing is in this course! Courses can be done in the privacy of your own home or anywhere, any time on any device.This short course is designed for anyone with a desire to develop a Pop, R&B and Soul voice.Please follow the course chronologically and work through each lesson separately. Do not move to the next lesson until you have mastered the current lesson. Improve Confidence, Range, Breathing, Pitch, Tone, Stamina, Strength, Technique, Control, Vocal runs & More!You will also learn important techniques to expand your singing range both higher and lower.On completion of the short course you will develop a beautiful tone and the skills to execute Pop, R&B and Soul songs well.You will hear and feel a vast improvement in your singing voice in just 3 weeks if you follow the courses instructions.In 1993 your instructor Peter Vox started Vox Singing Academy in Melbourne, Australia and became a full-time professional singing teacher.Over the years Peter and his team consistently provided the highest quality singing lessons to thousands of singers.With many progressing to become professional singers and obtaining major label recording and performance contracts! .Now YOU can receive the same high quality singing lessons the pros receive on any device, any where, any time!UNLOCK YOUR FULL POP, R&B AND SOUL SINGING POTENTIAL NOW!


Section 1: The Ultimate Short Course To Sing R&B, Soul & Pop.

Lecture 1 Introduction to the ultimate short course for singing RnB, Soul and Pop.

Lecture 2 How to warm up your voice for RnB, Soul and Pop singers.

Lecture 3 The importance of diaphragmatic breathing & support.

Lecture 4 Slow Triad Scale work out.

Lecture 5 Basic Trill Scale work out for flexibility and vocal runs.

Lecture 6 Major 5th Controlled Slow Art Scale work out.

Lecture 7 5th Fading Scale work out.

Lecture 8 Smooth Heart Cry Scale look out.

Lecture 9 1st, 2nd, 3rd note trill work out for flexibility and vocal runs.

Lecture 10 Art Cry Scale work out to expand your higher range.

Lecture 11 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Note Trill x4 scale workout for vocal runs.

Lecture 12 Wah Cry Scale work out to expand higher range.

Lecture 13 1st, 2nd, 3rd trill octive scale workout for vocal runs and flexibility.

Lecture 14 Outro to the ultimate short course for singing RnB, Soul and Pop..

Anyone with a desire to become a great R&B, Pop and Soul singer.,This course is designed for males and females, children to seniors for beginners to advanced singers.


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