The Art of Sound Design Learn how to edit sound for movies TUTORiAL

The Art of Sound Design TUTORiAL

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Students will learn how to do sound design for filmmaking & video production by using Cubase and professional scenes.

What you’ll learn
What is Sound Design? – Why does sound design exist?
Where does the sound come from?
The scene, the screenplay and the sound
Learn how to use Cubase & Low Frequencies

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This program will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of cinema through sound. You will learn step by step how to create the sound design of a movie completely from scratch, using Cubase. You will learn with real and immersive scenes to edit and use your imagination to build the sound dimension of a completely professional audiovisual production.

This course is designed for sound lovers who want to know how film sound design is actually done.

“Sound is within everyone’s reach, there has never been a better time to use this language than now”

Baudilio Bey Perez



What is Sound Design? – Why does sound design exist?

In this lesson you will learn to differentiate between sound design, music production and sound engineering. It is fundamental that you learn why sound design exists and what its objective is in filmmaking.

What equipment should you have?

In this lesson you will learn in detail what equipment you need to create a professional sound design. Technology is within our reach much more than ever, but we must learn to choose wisely where to invest our resources to be effective.

Where does the sound come from?

In this lesson you will learn where sound sources come from to create a sound design. You will know the different types of microphones used to create a sound design, as well as the recording devices to record the audio in a shoot.

The scene, the screenplay and the sound

In this lesson you will learn about sound language as a narrative tool in audiovisual discourse. You need to understand the scope of sound language to represent scenes and emotions in a movie. Sound design requires in-depth knowledge of audiovisual narrative in order to design it creatively and professionally.


In this Module students will learn the most important aspects of Cubase in order to start working on it.

Beginning a project

Getting to Know the Audio Tracks and Tabs

Adding a video and summary

MODULE III – Editing the Cross Under the Moon project

Students know how to create a sound design for a movie scene in Cubase step by step.

Cross Under the Moon – The Beginning.

Sound of the Waves – Part I

Sound of the Waves – Part II

Sounds of Water

The Sound of the Cloth

Human groan sound.

Cross Transitions

Some environments

Seagulls / Fauna

The sound of the sand and cloth


Tips for studio dubbing / Harmonics


Low Frequencies

In this lesson students will learn the importance of low frequencies within the audiovisual language. Sound frequencies are narrative signifiers that trigger emotions in the audience.

The Kontakt System and MIDI technology

In this lesson, the student will learn about MIDI and Kontakt technology to enrich sound design with current, dynamic, and powerful special effects.


Sorround 5.1

In this lesson, the student learns how the Surround 5.1 system works in order to transfer a mix initially thought of in stereo to the surround system.

Sound Mix

In this lesson the student will know the fundamental aspects for the effective mix of a sound design.

Who this course is for
Sound Editors
Film Directors
Film Producers
Sound Engineers
Music Composers
Film Score Composers


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