Strumming Is Drumming 51 Must-Know Guitar Strum Patterns TUTORiAL

Strumming Is Drumming 51 Must-Know Guitar Strum Patterns TUTORiAL

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Teach Yourself How to Play the Most Common Guitar Strumming Patterns with Good Technique-Beginner to Advanced

What you’ll learn
Practice and perform 51 essential strumming patterns, taken directly from popular songs.
Learn good strumming technique.
Learn basic music theory topics relevant to strumming.
Listen to any song and know what strumming pattern will fit the best.
Develop a vocabulary of all the common strumming patterns and rhythmic devices found in recorded popular songs.

No experience needed
a guitar or similar string instrument
guitar pick
regular practice time

Strumming Is Drumming. Strumming is thinking like a drummer. Strumming is making drum set grooves with downstrokes and upstrokes on your guitar, kind of like beatboxing. Strumming is thinking about the rhythm side of music, not the notes. Strummers improvise.A really great way to learn to strum would be to learn some of the common grooves that are out there. What do “Drive” by Incubus, “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts, “Closing Time” by Semisonic, “One” by U2, and many other songs have in common? Basically the same strum pattern that I call “The Rock Beat”!This course is the result of research. I listened to 500 songs with clearly recorded strumming and put them in categories, eventually narrowing 500 songs into 51 essential patterns. There is lots of variation going on within the 51 basic patterns. Every artist slightly tweaks how they perform the patterns. So we will also talk about a few variations for each essential pattern, so you will really be learning much more than 51 strum patterns.In addition to learning lots of patterns, I will also show you how to strum with good technique. We will start BASIC, then add more and more finesse as we go. A guitar beginner will be able make his/her way through the patterns if they start with the technique sections, and keep going in order of the sections. The sections progress more or less in a logical order of difficulty.

Who this course is for
Total beginner to advanced guitarists who want to learn proper strumming technique for a good sound
Total beginner to advanced guitarists who want to know what strumming patterns they need to know to play the songs they like
Guitarists looking to build their rhythm vocabulary
Guitar teachers looking for strumming pattern resources for their students
Songwriters looking for ideas. A strum pattern is often the foundation of a song.


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