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Storm Choir Ultimate

Kontakt Library | 9.5 GB

Our most popular product ever got even more refined! A 20-piece chamber choir recorded with three microphone positions in Sofia Session Studio (the same hall where we recorded our Afflatus and Next Gen choir series). Completely new recordings ported within the powerful Syllabuilder engine, giving you the highest control possible on syllables, morphing, creating new words and polyphonic true legato.

Why Storm Choir Ultimate?

It was inevitable that after the success of our Next Gen choir series (Wotan, Freyja, Arva, Rhodope 2) we had to upgrade Storm Choir (our most popular choir library) to be up to date with the rest of our choral libraries and to have the same features. Therefore we re-recorded everything, but this time with slightly bigger ensembles – 10 singers per section (men/women) for the syllables and 6 singers per section for the legatos. Again, we kept the same idea in mind – singing with exaggerated vibrato, over the top and generally – very loud. We re-recorded all 24 syllables of Storm Choir 2 in three dynamic layers, controllable with mod wheel (CC#1).

♦ 20-piece chamber choir (Syllabuilder patches), 12-piece chamber choir (legato)
♦ Slavonic molto vibrato tone, over-the-top dynamics and performance
♦ Three mic positions (Close, Decca and Hall) – recorded in Sofia Session Studio
♦ True Polyphonic Legato samples for both women and men
♦ 24 different syllables accessible through an intuitive phrasebuilder
♦ Recorded with ribbon close-mic array (Coles x3 and Royer x2) for a “darker” sound, Neumann M150 for Decca tree, DPA4006 for wide outriggers

Requires Kontakt version 6.1.0 or above


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