Stereo Image Tricks With Native FL Studio Plugins TUTORiAL

Stereo Image Tricks With FL Studio TUTORiAL

4 January 2023 | 1.1 GB

Welcome to our Stereo Image Tricks with native FL Studio plugins. Here is a little explanation about what we’ll be working on today:

Video 1 – Lead Channel Splitting

In this part, we’ll dive into splitting the main lead’s mono and stereo channel, in order to have full control over the stereo image.

Video 2 – Ambience and Stereo Separation

We’re adding ambient sounds to the drop, to make it more lively. Using native FL Studio plugins, we’ll also use stereo separation to make the drop clap stand out more.

Video 3 – Kick Accent and Panned Percussion Fills

Besides being the driving force behind the climax of an electronic track, the kick can add an extra dimension to the mix by being accentuated. In this part we’re also making our own panned percussion fill.

Video 4 – Stereo Bass and Room for Percussion

Not only the kick can add more than you’d expect to the stereo image. The bass can have this function as well. Also, by EQ’ing the lead, we’ll make room for high-frequency percussive elements.

Video 5 – LFO Panning and Ambience Percussion

In this part we’re using Fruity PanOMatic to make the intro chords move around the stereo image. The reverbed percussion we’re using, will add another layer of depth to the intro.

Video 6 – Extra Tricks

In the final part we’re going over some extra tricks like automating the amount of mono/stereo on the master channel, so the drop will stand out more and have a bigger contrast in terms of stereo image with the intro.


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