SPAT Stereo 1.1 Ableton ALP Max for Live

SPAT Stereo 1.1 Ableton ALP Max for Live

270 MB

Use SPAT’s audio localization technology to transform your mixes into binaural and transaural soundscapes. Create realistic-sounding spaces for your sounds to inhabit, or experiment endlessly with advanced panning algorithms and convincing psychoacoustic parameters.

SPAT Stereo is for those with straightforward speaker or headphone setups who still want to make use of SPAT’s advanced audio spatialization tools. Just like the Multichannel version, SPAT Stereo is powered by IRCAM’s Spatialisateur sound processor, is capable of real-time spatial processing, and comes with two dedicated and highly versatile reverb devices.

At the heart of the Pack is SPAT Spatial, the natural starting point for dialing in your sound. With fine-grained control over the placement, orientation and character of your sound sources, multiple panning variations, advanced psychoacoustic effects parameters and a high quality virtual room reverb, Spatial is a powerful and versatile device that showcases the key capabilities of SPAT technology.

A standalone version of the virtual room processor that powers the SPAT Spatial device, SPAT Room offers even more detailed settings for each section of the reverberator. With controls over room size, global reverberation and early and cluster (diffuse) reflections, Room is a fully-featured tool for creating realistic reverb effects.

A multiband version of the virtual room processor that powers the SPAT Spatial and SPAT Room devices, SPAT Multiverb lets you individually adjust the decay time of up to 30 frequency bands – allowing for even finer control over the reverberation of your sound and opening up more experimental sound design possibilities.

37 Presets, 3 Live Sets, 3 Max Devices

Live 11 Standard (version 11.2 or higher)
Max for Live


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