Smart Songwriting Write Great Songs That Attract Listeners TUTORiAL

Smart Songwriting Write TUTORiAL

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This course will teach you how to write and market great songs.

What you’ll learn
How to write a great song and improve on current ones
How to make money with your songs
How To Pitch Songs Properly To Music Supervisors
How to write and promote songs to commercial radio
computer, microphone or pad and pen to write songs and record them. I recommend a Mac Book Air
As the artist “Manafest” I’ve sold over 300,000 Albums Worldwide over 1,000,000 singles and toured 18 different countries!
I’ve written the majority of my songs with my producer Adam Messinger (Magic!, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown) and learned what it takes to write a hit song.
All my students get direct email access to me to ask any questions (Invaluable)
This course covers the basics & Advanced concepts of songwriting from song structures to melodies.
The Overcoming Writers Block Module is essential to any writer learning about block time to schedule in writing sessions. Songs don’t get written by themselves you have to make the time and just do it.
I meet a lot of songwriters who are broke because they refuse to learn the business of songwriting. I cover this and give you a lot of ideas on how you can make real money with your songs.
I’ve built a hundred thousand plus a year music brand and now want to help other artists.
Success didn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of hardwork and dedication but you can do it too. Never give up!



Lecture 1 Attitude – Personality

Lecture 2 Song Title

Lecture 3 Song Structures

Lecture 4 Melodies

Lecture 5 Know Your Audience

Lecture 6 Songwriting Tools

Lecture 7 Action Steps

Section 2: Anatomy of a Song

Lecture 8 Writing Lyrics Part I

Lecture 9 Writing Lyrics Part II

Lecture 10 How To Write a Pre-Chorus

Lecture 11 Pre-Chorus Screen Cast

Lecture 12 How to write a hook (Chorus)

Lecture 13 How To Write a Bridge

Lecture 14 Story Telling

Lecture 15 Action Steps: Module #2

Section 3: Performing Your Song (Virtual Vocal Coach)

Lecture 16 Why I Don’t Memorize My Lyrics Before I Hit The Studio

Lecture 17 In The Studio Coaching

Lecture 18 How To Have Confidence In Your Songwriting

Lecture 19 Breath Control

Lecture 20 Why You Need To Hire a Producer

Lecture 21 Writing a Chorus Live In The Studio With Manafest & Adam Messinger

Lecture 22 Action Steps Module #3

Section 4: Overcoming Writers Block

Lecture 23 Pro Tip #1 Block Time & Scheduling

Lecture 24 Pro Tip #2 – Movies, Books & Music

Lecture 25 Pro Tip #3 Repetition

Lecture 26 Pro Tip #4 – Secret To Great Song Writing Is In The Re-Write

Lecture 27 Pro Tip #5 – You have to be vulnerable and try things

Section 5: Business of Songwriting


Lecture 29 Writing For Other Artists

Lecture 30 Collaborating

Lecture 31 Marketing Your Song

Lecture 32 How To Market Your Song Part II

Lecture 33 Protecting & Copywriting Your Songs

Lecture 34 Investing In Your Songs

Section 6: Bonuses

Lecture 35 Show Me Where The Money Is In Songwriting

Lecture 36 Performance Rights Organizations

Lecture 37 Getting Your Songs In TV/Film/Video Games

Lecture 38 How To Get Your Songs On Commercial Radio

Lecture 39 How To Make Money With Other Artists Songs Using iTunes

Lecture 40 Paying For Artist Features

This course is for new and seasoned songwriters especially if your not making money with your current songs


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