Slink Pan Max for Live

Slink Pan Max for Live

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Slink Pan is a stereo movement generator based on two Slink waves.

The result is an endlessly evolving panning motion controlled by an intuitive interface suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Developed by Alexander Berg & Michel Iseneld.
A collaboration with Chaos Culture.

Main Features

Uniquely organic stereo movements.

Intuitive controls and visual feedback.

Fast results with deep explorative potential.

Internal modulation patching.

How it works

Slink Pan generates panning patterns from an algorithm inspired by the natural movement of water to create an organically morphing stereo effect.

Minimum Requirements

Ableton Live 10.1
Max 8.1.6

Slink uses the latest Max functions. You, therefore, need to have an updated version to use it. Updating is free if you have a Max for Live or Ableton Suite license.


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