Saffire Bundle VST v2.0-H2O

Saffire Bundle VST v2.0-H2O

H2O | 25 December 2005 | VST | 2,6 MB

Focusrite Saffire VST plug-in effects v2.0

Compressor mono / stereo
Modeled on the Focusrite’s hardware devices, using the measurement of custom optos to achieve the signature Focusrite sound. All Focusrite optos are tuned by ear, just like in the old days of analog design, ensuring a faithful recreation of those classic vintage 1960s optical compressors.

EQ mono / stereo
With the same signature as the original Focusrite EQ curves. Focusrite’s R&D team used state-of-the-art numerical transform techniques to create an authentic response across the entire audible frequency spectrum.

Based on classic algorithmic studio reverb designs.

Amp Modeling
Overdrive, speaker simulation and classic passive guitar EQ-Emulation.

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