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Virtual Bassist Mellow v1.0.0

DECiBEL | 19 Dec 2021 | 900 MB

Soulful Modern Double Bass
Here comes Virtual Bassist MELLOW – a smooth and hip acoustic double bass. With its body, texture and huge bottom end, MELLOW makes an excellent companion for urban music styles, jazzy pop, or even singer-songwriter or folk trios. If it has to be smooth, warm and soulful, MELLOW is your Virtual Bassist of choice.

– Acoustic Double Bass with Powerful Low End
– Player & Instrument Mode
– Adjustable Microphones, Pick-Position and Mix

Hip, Organic and Acoustic
MELLOW sports the UJAM signature design: frustration-free and focused on helping you to produce music faster, better and easier. From the bedroom to the scoring stage – every experience level benefits from the reduced interface that provides total control over the included 40 styles and 450 phrases

Virtual Bassist MELLOW comes with two control modes. Player mode gives you easy access; just set the musical key and input chords to play and MELLOW acts as a bass player following your instructions, choosing the most appropriate phrases and articulations for your bassline. For more control, the Instrument mode will let you play the keyboard or a MIDI controller to input basslines, using the extensive sample set, including dead notes, full stops and satisfying, roaring slides.

Make your production unique, professional and ultra-realistic with MELLOW. Simple yet powerful – it will exceed your expectations.

What You Get
– From Smooth to Powerful
– 40 styles and over 450 phrases
– Play the bass from a MIDI controller
– Adjust microphones, pick position, mixer channel and many more
– Real recorded room adding amazing ambience without the mush
– AI articulation modeling


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