Reason RE Index v1.1.3-DECiBEL

Reason RE Index v1.1.3

DECiBEL | 21 Dec 2021 | 3.6 MB

Index is a simple yet powerful rack extension for discovering and exploring chords. With two novel lookup methods and an intuitive chord visualization feature it is sure to be an invaluable tool for all aspiring songwriters and keyboardists. Index helps you build chord progressions, find that chord you hear in your head but can’t seem to find on the keyboard, and enhances your ability to jam with other musicians.

Wherever you’re at on your musical journey, Index will expand your understanding of music and get you the results you want to hear.

Index also works nicely alongside our other Rack Extension, Tome and can be purchased together in the Tome & Index Bundle at a discount.

– Reverse Chord Lookup (Chord Detection)
– Direct Chord Lookup

Product Description:
Reverse Chord Lookup
For the first time ever in Reason, simply play MIDI into Index and you’ll instantly get the name of the chord you’re playing. Index can detect all intervals and every common chord consisting of up to 7 notes as quickly as you can play them, including their inversions. It displays the resulting root and full chord name as well as commonly used shorthand, while also showing the chord across the keyboard visualizer. This is a powerful feature for building chords by ear, learning inversions and extensions, and quickly jamming with fellow musicians. The following chords and their inversions are supported:

– All Intervals (2 note building blocks of chords)
– Triads (Major, Minor, Diminished, Augmented)
– 7th Chords (Major, Minor, Dominant, Diminished)
– 9th Chords (All varieties)
– 11th Chords (All varieties)
– 13th Chords (All varieties)
– Add 2 and 4 Chords
– Suspended 2 and 4 Chords
– 6 Chords (Major, Minor)
– Assorted Partial Chords and Others

Due to complexity of this problem and the contextual nature of certain higher order chords,
this a feature that took many months of development and fine tuning to get right. Feedback is greatly encouraged if any chords are found to be missing or incorrect, and will be dealt with swiftly.

Direct Chord Lookup
If you’re looking to quickly and intuitively build a progression from scratch, or just learn to play in a new key, this is the feature for you. First, set the device to any key, and choose one of the many scale tonalities. Index will show you a table of 7 diatonic chords that will sound great together based off the notes of that scale. From this table you can select which you would like to see visualized on the keyboard display, and even add extension notes up to the 13th to add color to your progression. The 7th degree can also be flatted, opening up the option for dominant chords and other interesting chords. Connecting the “Direct Chord CV Out” on the back of Index to an instrument of your choosing allows you to build progressions by ear just by playing single midi notes. The following scales are supported:

– Major (Ionian)
– Dorian
– Phyrgian
– Lydian
– Mixolydian
– Minor (Aeolian)
– Locrian
– Harmonic Minor
– Melodic Minor
– Major Pentatonic (Chords based off Major)
– Minor Pentatonic (Chords based off Minor)
– Blues (Chords based off Minor)
– Spanish (Phyrgian Dominant)

Direct Lookup makes song writing a breeze, and since you already know the key and the scale, playing the accompanying lead sounds is also made simple.


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