Producing House with NI TUTORiAL

Producing House with NI TUTORiAL

10 June 2022 | 398 MB

A great house track combines several elements into one effective package. In this course, electronic music pro Thomas Cochran breaks down all these elements and shows you how to create and combine them using readily available Native Instrument plugins. You’ll learn not only which instruments to include – drums, synth bass, piano, pads, funk guitar, lead synth, and more – but also how to treat and process them for maximum House music effect! These videos are for those new to producing house tracks.

To introduce the course, Thomas plays through the track you’ll be creating, so you get a big picture right away about what the end goal is. Then he begins the creation process with the electronic drum track using some 707 sounds and blending in some acoustic samples for a disco-inspired tone. A funky house bass stab follows, with Thomas providing direction on both sound design and note-programming.

With the rhythmic foundation laid, Thomas continues by adding some melodic elements, beginning with some piano chords. Discover how to then start filling out the production with synth pads and provide additional rhythmic interest with a funk guitar patch using KONTAKT.

Continuing on, Thomas covers several more elements, including vocal stabs (using GLAZE), Juno-style lead synth (with SUPER 8), reverb disco strings (with SESSION STRINGS 2), FX and fill synths, and more! To wrap it up, explore some arrangement techniques to help make the track as effective as possible.

For a more detailed description of each video, check out the descriptions below. A good house track doesn’t happen by accident; you CAN learn the craft, and this course makes it fun and easy! Start creating your next killer House jam today with “Producing House with Native Instruments.”


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