Produce An Old Skool Piano Acid House Track In Ableton TUTORiAL

Piano House Track In Ableton TUTORiAL

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Learn the techniques applied to classic house music from the late 1980’s

What you’ll learn
How to produce a classic sounding acid house piano track
Beat programming production techniques
Programming acid house arpeggios
Editing and arranging music in Ableton
Beginners to intermediate
The Old Skool Acid Piano House course is a 19 part video class which has been designed for the beginner or those who are just starting to find their way around Ableton without too much struggle.I have broken the course down from installing the plug ins to beginning the drum programming using the iconic Roland 808 drum machine and developed a beat that is instantly catchy but very simple to produce.The course only requires you to download a few free vst plug ins at no extra cost which are all included in the course materials, so everything you need for the course from the samples to the videos etc is all in one folder when you download it.In the folder are the vocal samples, the midi files, the vst links and the full template that I have created so you can use it as a reference point. I have made this in Ableton 10 so you can open it in that and anything above.This course can be done at your own pace and there is no time limit on when you complete it so the pressure is off and the fun is on. The thing I like to see is people enjoy making music and not feeling stressed, so take your time with this course and if you need any help at all, just contact me and I will guide you through any issues you may have.So go ahead and enjoy this course which I hope then gives you more skills and ideas on how to move forward with your own music productions in the future.


Section 1: Introduction & Drum Programming

Lecture 1 The full track you will be making.

Lecture 2 Introduction & Drum Programming

Section 2: Lecture 2 Percussion & Drums

Lecture 3 Lecture 2 Percussion & Drums

Section 3: Lecture 3 Bass 7 Strings

Lecture 4 Lecture 3 Bass & Strings

Section 4: Lecture 4 Chord Pad & Piano Riffs

Lecture 5 Lecture 4 Chord Pad & Piano Riffs

Section 5: Lecture 5 Acid Bass

Lecture 6 Lecture 5 Acid Bass

Section 6: Lecture 6 Vocal Hooks

Lecture 7 Lecture 6 Vocal Hooks

Section 7: Lecture 7 Arranging the intro

Lecture 8 Lecture 7 Arranging the intro

Section 8: Lecture 8 Building the track

Lecture 9 Lecture 8 Building the track

Section 9: Lecture 9 The Main Arrangement

Lecture 10 Lecture 9 The Main Arrangement

Section 10: Lecture 10 Drum Breakdown

Lecture 11 Lecture 10 Drum Breakdown

Section 11: Lecture 11 Further Arrangement

Lecture 12 Lecture 11 Further Arrangement

Section 12: Lecture 13 Finalising the track

Lecture 13 Lecture 13 Finalising the track

Section 13: Lecture 14 Automation

Lecture 14 Lecture 14 Automation

Section 14: Lecture 15 Drums Mixing

Lecture 15 Lecture 15 Drums Mixing

Section 15: Lecture 16 Bass Mixing

Lecture 16 Lecture 16 Bass Mixing

Section 16: Lecture 17 Piano & Pads Mixing

Lecture 17 Lecture 17 Piano & Pads Mixing

Section 17: Lecture 18 Grouping & Acid Mixing

Lecture 18 Lecture 18 Grouping & Acid Mixing

Section 18: Lecture 19 Mastering

Lecture 19 Lecture 19 Mastering

Anyone who wishes to produce classic house music


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