Pro Tools Intro Getting Started TUTORiAL

Pro Tools Intro Getting Started TUTORiAL

18 November 2022 | 288 MB

If you’re just starting out on the free version of Pro Tools Intro, there can be a pretty steep learning curve, which can be quite intimidating to those just getting started. This Pro Tools Intro video course with Groove3 instructor Thomas Cochran makes it easy, teaching you the most important must-know concepts with clear, easy-to-understand demonstrations and explanations. You’ll learn how to get started with Pro Tools Intro and set up your hardware (audio interface, speakers, etc.), how to record audio and MIDI, how to edit your recordings, and much more. By the end of this near-three-hour course, you’ll be well on your way to turning your musical ideas and compositions into full-fledged audio recordings that sound great, using the industry-standard DAW, Pro Tools. These videos are for new Pro Tools Intro users.

Thomas begins by showing you the basic file structure of Pro Tools Intro and its project anatomy, so you’ll know how to create and save a new project that’s ready to go. Learn how to properly configure your hardware and Pro Tools for playback/recording and discover some additional tips about default routings that can make working on larger projects easier and quicker. Then follow along as Thomas takes you on a tour of the software, explaining where various features are located and describing their functionality.

Next, you’ll learn different ways of navigating your projects and playing back sections, including setting markers, loop points, and more. This helpful information is essential to developing an efficient workflow, especially when dealing with projects that have a large number of tracks. The more adept you are at getting around your project, the quicker you’ll be able to turn your ideas and inspiration into recorded music.

Many more topics follow, including MIDI drums (using the MIDI editor and recording MIDI, quantizing, editing), other MIDI instruments (creating melodies and chords using the built-in MIDI instruments), recording audio (using a microphone or direct guitar/bass, etc.), editing audio (trimming, copy/paste, using loops, and more), plugins (effects, such as reverb, compression, etc. and virtual instruments), aux tracks and sends (using effects on multiple tracks, grouping several tracks together for easier mixing), automation (drawing and recording automation), exporting a song (creating a final stereo audio file that can be listened to anywhere and shared), and more!

If learning Pro Tools Intro has been harder than you anticipated, this course will put you at ease. It’ll get your feet adequately wet in no time, and everything will make much more sense moving forward. See the individual Pro Tools Intro: Getting Started video descriptions for more information. Learn how to turn your musical ideas into a reality… watch “Pro Tools Intro: Getting Started” today!


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