Piano Foundation Course Level 3 Chord Mastery For Beginners TUTORiAL

Chord Mastery For Beginners TUTORiAL

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Piano Chords Mastery – Piano Chords, Chord Fingering, Rhythms & Practice For Beginners: Learn How To Play Piano By Ear

What you’ll learn
Learn how to play the Piano by ear
Learn how to play simple / beginner Piano chords
Learn simple / easy chord progressions
Learn the Number System
Learn Classes of Chords for beginners
Learn advanced chords
Learn dyads, triads and power chords
Understand scale degree and chord structures
Learn how to do proper fingering for chords
Learn simple Piano rhythms
Have a Piano or Keyboard
No prior Piano-playing experience needed
You are welcome to the course designed for beginners to master chords, chord progressions, number system, chord fingering and much more.Here Is the complete Course CurriculumIntroduction To ChordsIntroductionDyads, Triads & Power ChordsChords & Scale DegreeThe Number System Part 2Piano Chords FoundationClasses of ChordsAdvanced ChordsChapter 2 – Chords and Chord FingeringBasic Chord FingeringBasic Chord ProgressionsSimple Piano Rhythms For BeginnersChord Fingering Left Hand PracticeChord Fingering Right Hand PracticeChord Progressions Practice (1-4-5, 1-6-2-5-1 and more)This course has been designed for beginner Piano students. If you are a beginner or if you are learning how to play the Piano then this course will help you in the area of learning about chords, chord progressions, rhythms, chord fingering, number system for chords and scale degrees and much more.This course focusses on chords and chord progressions for beginners.This course is also an ear training based course so if you would like to learn how to play beginner chords the easy way, then this course is for you.Chapter OneThis chapter will help you get started with chords as a beginner Piano student. You will learn how to easily play your first chord progression and some lovey rhythms to go with it. You will also be learning about the number system, the scale degree, classes of chords and more.Chapter TwoThis builds on the foundation of chapter one and goes into chord fingering, basic chord progressions and lots of practice exercises and examples. You will be learning how to play rhythms, chord progressions and more.This course prepares you for playing simple chord progressions to songs as a beginner Piano student.


Section 1: Chapter 1 – Introduction To Chords

Lecture 1 Chapter Overview

Lecture 2 Chapter Introduction

Lecture 3 Dyads, Triads and Power Chords

Lecture 4 Chords & Scale Degree

Lecture 5 The Number System Part 2

Lecture 6 Piano Chords Foundation

Lecture 7 Classes of Chords

Lecture 8 Advanced Chords

Section 2: Chapter 2 – Chords & Chord Fingering

Lecture 9 Chapter Overview

Lecture 10 Chord Fingering Techniques For Beginners

Lecture 11 Basic Chord Progressions

Lecture 12 Simple Piano Rhythms For Beginners

Lecture 13 Left Hand and Right Hand Chord Fingering Techniques

Lecture 14 Chord Progressions Mastery Techniques

Lecture 15 Chord Progressions Practice

Lecture 16 Chord Progressions & Rhythm Practice

Beginners,Never played the Piano before,You have basic Piano knowledge or skills,You want to learn the Piano by ear,You want to train your ears


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