Philta CM Edition v1.2.3 WiN OSX-ARCADiA [FREE]

Philta CM Edition v1.2.3 WiN OSX

Team ARCADiA | WiN OSX | 33.47 MB

What’s better than an automatable resonant filter? Two automatable resonant filters, that’s what – and that’s exactly what VengeanceSound’s Philta CM gives you in a single plugin. This exclusive special version features the main filter section of their Philta XL plugin, minus the more advanced features offered by the full variant. You get one high-pass and one low-pass filter, both governed by the same input and output gain controls but with individual controls for resonance and roll-off.

The high-pass filter removes low frequencies from the input signal as you would expect, removing everything below the frequency set via the Frequency knob. The low-pass filter does the same thing in reverse, acting to remove high frequencies above the set frequency. It’s perfect for shaping your breakdowns or builds, and both filters can also be used simultaneously to create useful band-pass or notch filter effects.


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