Personal Orchestral Template & Instructional Video

Personal Orchestral Template & Video

MP4 + .xlsx +.ods | 345 MB

Organize your sound library

Marc’s Basic Template and Film Scoring Template, explained and described by him.
Included are his spreadsheets.
Track by track he explains how his templates are organized.

• The template is designed so you can fit everything on one computer with 64GB of RAM. There is no need to use Vienna Ensemble Pro. You can, but the template is optimized so is loadable on just one computer.
• There are some MIDI tracks that contain more than one patch.
• Most of the template is loaded using Kontakt (multitimbral mode).
• Each Kontakt instance is internally balanced and panned (16 patches) so you can save it as a multi and recall if later or use it in another template.


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