Orion Pro v3.03-PARADOX

Orion Pro v3.03-PARADOX

PARADOX | 22 May 2002 | WinALL | 3,3 MB

Orion Pro is a ‘virtual’ music studio suite for the PC running under Windows 95/98/ME/2000. It recreates all parts of a traditional studio including sequencing, the emulation of a mixing desk and all wired rackmount hardware (Synthesizers, Samplers, Drums, Effects etc).

New in Orion Pro v3.03
* When a preset in a VST instrument other than the first one was chosen, changed AND that instrument didnt support chunk saving, loading/saving projects reverted that instrument to a default preset. Fixed.

* In Easy MIDI Mode, multiple channels in VST instruments are playable via MIDI kb again by choosing the VST channel from the piano roll.


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