Organ Session (Yamaha Motif XS-XF-Montage-MODX) X0A

Organ Session (Yamaha Motif )

X0A | 93.53 MB

Organ Session was produced by Peter Krischker – Germany (Producer and Soundprogrammer), Dave Polich – USA (Co-Soundprogrammer) and Wolfgang Uhl (Sampling).

Organ Session emulates the sound of a Drawbar Organ in the MOTIF.
The voices of Organ Session are offering wonderful punchy and smacky Drawbar Organ with consisely key click and adjustable percussion, rockorgans with slightly or strong distortion, traditional entertainer organs, classic drawbar-registrations and cool jazz-organs.

All in all Organ Session offers the quality as well as the quantity of a compareable Plug-in Board, Software-Instrument or high-quality Sample-CD.

Organ Session is very useful for Rock, Pop, Jazz, Funk, House, Entertainment or Ambient music.
You will receive a huge selection of typical Drawbar Organ sounds, which can be used very flexible with modulation wheel, knobs, sliders.

The organ percussion is shaped very authentic using the USER-LFO for realizing the „Single Trigger Mode“. That means legato played notes are using no percussion. Using ASSIGN1 knob switches to „Multi Trigger Mode“. Then each note is played with percussion.

For the sample-based MOTIF XS / XF / ES version the drawbars of a Drawbar Organ have been sampled chromatically. That means recording one sample for each note of each of the 9 drawbars for 5 octaves. A User waveform of one drawbar includes 61 samples. Additional there are several chromatic sampled organ-percussion settings.
Beside multisamples of drawbars and organ-percussion there are also samples of some popular organ registrations like Full Organ, First Three, First Four, Even Bars or registrations with vibrato. Using multisamples of complete registrations are allowing complex Hammond-Sounds with a limited number of voice elements.

All sample recordings have been done without using amplifier, distortion and leslie. This allows flexible using of the MOTIF XS / XF /E S effect section and realistic switching between slow and fast leslie using the Rotary effect.

While the MOTIF XS / XF ROM-Waves had to use very short loops because of limited ROM-space, this product had no limitations. The samples and loops are much longer than the preset-waves, which allows a much more realistic hammond sound.
In addition the chromatic sampling produces a different sound of the key click for each note like you know it from a real Hammond B3.

For MOTIF XS there is an additional User Voice Bank (128 Voices), which includes voices without samples, based on internal preset waves. This version is compatible with the RACK-versions of Organ Session and doesn’t require installation of optional DIMMs.
Basically using the sample-based version is recommended because of the higher waveform quality. But surely you will find also some very interesting alternate voices in the sample-free version.

The MOTIF XS / XF / MOXF versions of Organ Session include 32 Arpeggio-Performances. Most performances are newly programmed. A part of them are modified factory Performances
The Performances allow to play the new Organ-voices with an automatic Drum/Bass/Instrument accompaniment.

Some of the MIDI-sequences used for the Web-demos and several other sequences are shipped with this product as Standard MIDI Files (SMF), which can be loaded to any external sequencer (Cubase, Logic, Ableton Live, Sonar…) or directly to the MOTIF-Sequencer. You can use the MIDI-sequences as starting point for your own productions.

Beside typical organ-licks or chord progressions there are several expression-sequences, which can be used in combination with the note-sequences. They are useful for typical organ volume-modulations.

Xeraser’s notes: XS version of the library. Sorry MOXF users :( You might be able to convert the presets (for the no-samples version) to use on a MOXF with John Melas’ tools

There are two versions, one that uses extra samples and one that doesn’t.
The MIDI files that are included contain chords for “inspiration purposes” according to Easy Sounds.


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