Orchestral Strings MaestroTools v2.71 Incl.Keygen-ECLiPSE

Orchestral Strings MaestroTools v2.71

Team ECLiPSE | Win9x | 236 kB

Garritan Orchestral Strings MaestroTools extends the capabilities of GigaStudio with new legato phrasing, mono, and auto-alternation features. The Garritan Orchestral Strings sample library takes special advantage of these features to offer an advanced new level of performance realism in strings.

With MaestroTools, you can play legato passages, monophonic lines, and alternate notes and takes with a single key. Without latency or system performance penalties, MaestroTools allows you to easily control new aspects of the orchestral sound and enjoy a more realistic sound. MaestroTools runs alongside GigaStudio and can be used with or without a sequencer.

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