N-Scream Fltr Snap Heap Rack-FANTASTiC

N-Scream Fltr Snap Heap Rack

FANTASTiC | 02 March 2023 | 1 KB

This snap heap rack is a creative lowpass distortion filter with a built-in sinewave oscillator.


CUTOFF: Controls the filter cutoff of the lowpass ladder filter.
DRIVE: Increases the autogain distortion and introduces the sinewave oscillator that is fed both into the ladder filter and distortion.
SCREAM: Adjusts the pitch of the sinewave oscillator. It’s recommended to map both the cutoff and scream filter to one macro to achieve the same NI Massive filter behavior if needed.

(Some plugins need to be owned, others only need to be installed):

Need to own: Snap Heap (v2.0.12 or higher)
Needs to be installed: SLICE EQ, Kilohearts Essentials (30 Free Snapins)


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