Music Production 101 Easy Mixing With Cubase For Beginners TUTORiAL

Easy Mixing With Cubase TUTORiAL

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Learn how to easily mix your music and get professional results quickly! (We will make use of Waves and Izotope plugins)

What you’ll learn
Audio Mixing
Music Production
Music Mixing
No prior knowledge of mixing is required. Knowing how to open a project on Cubase and import audio files is appreciated
Are you new to music production ? Are you frustrated that your compositions are not sounding the way you thought they would ? Then this is the right course for YOU!As a fellow artist I can understand how difficult it is when you get in the world of music production for the very first time. This is why I have decided to create this course which is the perfect roadmap for every artist who wants to get in the world of music production.LWP takes you through a simple step by step approach, in order to get you familiarized with the world of music production.In this tutorial I am going to show you how to easily create your first mix with Cubase Elements, along with professional Waves and Izotope plugins.The sections are divided according to the following skills which we will see together:Project ConfigurationMIDI tracksMixingNoise ReductionStatic EQPanningDe-EssingCompressionReverbAutomationAutotuneAt the end of this tutorial you will be able to create and export your mixes! What’s great about this course is that no prior knowledge of audio mixing is required!All the required exercise files can be downloaded in the first section, thus allowing the student to follow a step by step approach.Once you understand the concepts of mixing, you will be able to send you processed audio track to mastering where you will see all the efforts that you’ve put in your work, come to its real and powerful value!


Section 1: Project Configuration

Lecture 1 Project Configuration

Section 2: MIDI Tracks

Lecture 2 MIDI Tracks

Section 3: Mixing: Part I – Noise Reduction

Lecture 3 Noise Reduction

Section 4: Mixing: Part II – EQ

Lecture 4 Vocal EQ

Lecture 5 Strings, Piano and Pad EQ

Lecture 6 Drums EQ

Lecture 7 Guitars EQ

Lecture 8 Blending EQ

Section 5: Mixing: Part III – Panning

Lecture 9 Panning

Section 6: Mixing: Part IV – De-Essing

Lecture 10 De-Essing

Section 7: Mixing: Part V – Compression

Lecture 11 Compression

Section 8: Mixing: Part VI – Reverb

Lecture 12 Reverb

Section 9: Mixing: Part VII – Automation

Lecture 13 Automation

Section 10: Autotune

Lecture 14 Autotune

Section 11: Conclusion – Mastering

Lecture 15 Conclusion – Mastering

Beginners in music/audio production,Hobbyists in music/audio production


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