Music Business Boot Camp A Novice To Expert Guide! TUTORiAL

Music Business To Expert Guide TUTORiAL

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Learn how to turn your performance art into a business.

What you’ll learn
Creatively turn your music project into a business under your own terms.
Creativity, persistence, and patience are a necessity for this course
Music Business Boot Camp: A Novice to Expert Guide!In this course you will learn how to turn your performance art into a business that pays you. We will focus on the 3 main tiers needed for success. Creating a strong product worthy for the market, marketing that product to an audience, and having a distribution strong arm to sell your product in return for capital gains. We will go over these main concepts and many more in the Music Business Boot Camp by John Roo.The music business Boot camp consists of 16 lectures on the creation of a strong product, 13 lectures on marketing your music to an audience, and 3 lectures on proper distribution methods. At the end of this course you will know how to make more money as a musician, get more attention on your craft, and get the satisfaction out of creating your own independent empire.Start getting the attention you deserve. Get paid and make a career from your dreams! Take your music career to the next level!


Section 1: Product

Lecture 1 Meet the instructor!

Lecture 2 Introduction

Lecture 3 Course Overview

Lecture 4 Music Production (Product)

Lecture 5 Mixing & Mastering (Product)

Lecture 6 Picking Singles (Product)

Lecture 7 Music Videos (Product)

Lecture 8 Video Content Is Key (Product)

Lecture 9 Logo Design (Product)

Lecture 10 The Website Is The Hub (Product)

Lecture 11 Mailing List (Product)

Lecture 12 Establishment Of A Performance Formula (Product)

Lecture 13 Ticket Consignment (Product)

Lecture 14 Performance Agreement (Product)

Lecture 15 Finding Performing Artist (Product)

Lecture 16 Vending (Product)

Lecture 17 Staff and Bar (Product)

Lecture 18 Tickets Become Currency (Product)

Lecture 19 Creation of Merch (Product)

Section 2: Marketing

Lecture 20 Understanding That YOU Are The Product (Marketing)

Lecture 21 Pay Attention to Trends (Marketing)

Lecture 22 Facebook Groups (Marketing)

Lecture 23 Instagram & Facebook Ads (Marketing)

Lecture 24 Facebook Pixel (Marketing)

Lecture 25 Google & Twitter Ads (Marketing)

Lecture 26 Street Marketing (Marketing)

Lecture 27 Social Media Tips (Marketing)

Lecture 28 Publicity Stunts (Marketing)

Lecture 29 Selling Tickets (Marketing)

Lecture 30 Traditional Press & Radio (Marketing)

Section 3: Distribution

Lecture 31 Proper Distribution Options (Distribution)

Lecture 32 Publishing & Physical Distribution (Distribution)

Lecture 33 Outro

Musicians of all kinds. Bands/Rappers/Solo Artists/ DJ’s.


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