More Is More v1.0.0 WIN-TeamFuCK

More Is More v1.0.0 WIN

TeamFuCK | 6 mar 2023 | WIN | 13 MB

The same kind of transformative sound delivered to your guitar tones with II II II II, now comes to your mixes + masters with MORE IS MORE

Otto’s mastering workflow distilled into a single plug-in

Throughout the decade before the II II II II & Otto Audio, I spent time mastering records for heavy bands from all over the world. I had the pleasure of working with some of my favorite artists of all time, as well as did work on my own music. During this time I developed & refined a workflow method to get pristine loudness, grit & character imbued into each session that became my own signature. A secret, not-so-secret method of a soft clipper into a limiter, among other things, to get the heaviness to translate without altering the mix or destroying meters. This is the primary concept that came to the forefront when engineering More is More, as I make things I want to see & use personally. But I didn’t just want to slap simple algorithms into a plugin and put my name on it, I refined and worked through 81 (yes really) versions of the plug-in until it was finished… and it will finish off your mixes & masters with a pristine, character infused, loud. I included 40 starting point presets to make it as easy as dropping it on a track. Use your ears, turn some knobs, it’s got it where it counts and won’t let you down.

More is More is a secret sauce plug-in to add character, weight, punch and grit to your tracks, as well as loudness + finishing polish to your tracks, mixes & masters. Take it all the way from just adding a little weight or emphasis, clean loud, to sparkling harmonics and crunch or even full blown distortion for when the situation calls for it. More is More is sure to stay on your mix bus & find all kinds of uses in your mixing & mastering projects.

Un cabrero extremeño dice,

Only VST3, no custom installer (really not necessary)

1. Manually copy .vst3 file to its location (‘C:Program FilesCommon FilesVST3’)

Protection: PACE/iLok


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