Mongolian Voices Ancient Phrases for HALion

Mongolian Voices Ancient Phrases for HALion

P2P | 9 March 2023 | 3.02 GB

Evoke other worlds with the sound of the steppe
Mongolian Voices – Ancient Phrases will invoke magic with mysterious voices from beyond, delivering your compositions into strange, unknown places and enticing you to break free from all inhibitions. Tapping into the shamanic sounds of traditional Mongolian singing, the three categories — Female, Male and Male Throat — include the traditional long song, loudly sung from the mountain tops to evoke the vast, open spaces of the Mongolian steppe, and the famous throat singing which uses guttural vibrations and circular breathing to create an alien, otherworldly sound.

621 different phrases in 17 themes

3 categories: Female, Male and Male Throat

Unique singing compatible with most scale modes

FX to add depth and character

About the singers
Throat singer Ashit Nergui is one of the most famous in the world and has a Bachelor’s degree in Teaching Music and a Master’s in Mongolian Music. Erdenetsetseg Khenmedekh has an incredible vocal range and has enjoyed a long career performing Mongolian traditional singing. A master of the Mongolian long song, Munkhbaatar Bat-Ulzii regularly performs throughout the world.

Meet Sonuscore the creators of this library
Award-winning music and sound production studio Dynamedion founded Sonuscore in 2012, the same original team that created the highly acclaimed BOOM Library. Dynamedion has a respected international reputation for high-quality music composition, sound design, live orchestra production and is one of the biggest game audio studios in Europe. The three founders have combined their vast experience in orchestral music production and sound quality to create some of the best virtual instruments on the market.


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