Master Your Voice Beginners (For Contemporary Singers) TUTORiAL

Master Your Voice Beginners TUTORiAL

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Beginner overview of all exercises + technique you need to know as a contemporary singer.

What you’ll learn
Understand how to control your vocal muscles easily
Daily vocal routine for you to follow (done by professionals)
Learn the foundations of strong contemporary vocal technique
Learn HOW the voice works
No experience needed.
Build a super strong vocal foundation with this course that includes the strong singer daily routine for you to begin strengthening the RIGHT muscles, DISENGAGING the wrong ones, build your range, tone, power and UNDERSTAND how your voice works so you can control it. Lessons Covered: The Muscles of the Voice, Finding Your Vocal Registers, Build A Daily Routine, Achieve Proper Vocal Cord Closure, Learn to Apply to Songs, Importance of Stretching for Tight Muscles, and The Mind of the Singer. Includes Downloadable Audio Exercises. Includes A Course PDF with all content for you to follow. Train with a professional coach specialized in contemporary technique. Karli Purcell is a trained vocal coach who not only has a classical voice degree, but has trained with the worlds best pop, country, rock and christian vocal coaches. Learn as she shares her knowledge in these short videos designed for you to learn quickly and effectively. Karli is able to answer all of your questions as you complete the course – and encourages course participants to do the downloadable exercises daily (both male and female keys included) to get the most out of the course. Master Your Voice: For Contemporary Beginners Looking to Build A Strong Foundation! Sing from the outside in – and understand how to get that pop style without damaging your voice.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 The Muscles of the Voice

Section 2: Finding Your Registers

Lecture 2 Finding Your Registers

Section 3: Your Daily Routine To Strengthen Your Voice

Lecture 3 Your Daily Routine To Strengthen Your Voice

Section 4: Vocal Fold Precision

Lecture 4 Vocal Fold Precision

Section 5: Song Application

Lecture 5 Song Application

Section 6: Vocal Health Overview: Diet + Habits To Care For Your Voice

Lecture 6 Vocal Health Overview

Section 7: Stretch It Out: Eliminate Tension BEFORE You Sing

Lecture 7 Stretch It Out: Eliminate Tension

Section 8: Conclusion: The Mind of the Singer

Lecture 8 Conclusion: The Mind of the Singer

Designed for singers who have been singing, but never taken training. For those who want to learn how the voice works – and how they can control it to do what they want.


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