Majestic Pads 2 For ImPerfect

Majestic Pads 2 For ImPerfect

Presets | 46.4 MB

Our ImPerfect synth can help you create some incredible and highly unique sounds that can’t be replicated anywhere else. If you have this plugin, there’s no excuse to keep using the same boring pad sounds — and that’s why we’re bringing you Majestic Pads for ImPerfect 2!

Majestic Pads for ImPerfect 2 from W. A. Production is an expansion that takes full advantage of the production power found in the ImPerfect synth. From warm, dark pads to bright, shimmering sounds, Majestic Pads for ImPerfect 2 contains 60 innovative presets for use in any genre. Be sure to get this expansion today and unlock the full potential of your synth!

Product details: 60 ImPerfect Presets (Pads)


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