Lost Piano KONTAKT

DECiBEL | 30 Dec 2021 | 3.15 GB

Beautifully worn and naturally warped, Lost Piano is designed to create a mood and inspire the way you play. Instant cinema. It’s not a synthesiser but neither is it really a piano anymore. It’s the somewhere in-between that you won’t have been before.

Created for experimentation. Created to push the limits on what you thought a piano could sound like. Made from 32 sets of piano sounds that have been time-stretched and transformed through reel-to-reel, cassette tapes, guitar pedals and some unconventional plugin chains.

It also features our new custom Memories engine which generates an intelligent pattern of rhythmic sounds. More character and complexity than an arpeggiator. More curious and unconventional than a delay.

This is for the composers, creators and music makers that value the way a sound makes you feel. It’s time to get lost…

Piano sounds
There are 24 different sets of piano sounds and 8 texture pads that can be loaded into 2 sides of the instrument. They have all been painstakingly re-recorded, re-amped and re-worked from the original Alt Piano recording sessions. They have been stretched and transformed through reel-to-reel, cassette tapes and some of the world’s finest boutique guitar pedals. Some have been further manipulated with a string of unconventional plugin chains.

We also went back to the original piano and recorded some additional interesting sounds using wooden plectrums, drum sticks and muted plucks.

Piano textures
The 8 texture pads have been made using similar re-recording techniques to the other sounds. The feeling of an analogue synth, but with the soul of a piano.

One of our favourites is called ‘Muddle’ which uses the highly revered, Fairfield Circuitry “Shallow Water” pedal and an Electro Harmonix Octave generator. We re-sampled both left and right channels independently, constantly changing the controls of the pedals to give a truly original stereo sound.

Rhythmical underscore
We’ve developed a custom engine called Memories which creates an intelligent pattern of notes to accompany your playing. More character and complexity than an arpeggiator. More curious and unconventional than a delay. Turn a simple chord into a rhythmical and moving soundscape of complimentary notes and tones.

Choose any of the piano recordings for the Memories engine to play and then refine the sound of them even more. Make them feel like a recent memory or a long forgotten and hazy dream. We’ve created 12 presets just for the Memory page, to give you an instant starting point.

– Kontakt PLAYER 6.2.2 and above
– Over 2750 samples
– Over 9 GB uncompressed WAVs


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