Learn the Piano by Ear Part 2 Piano Foundation Course TUTORiAL

Learn the Piano by Ear Part 2 TUTORiAL

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Part 2 – Finger Exercises for Speed, Dexterity & Hand Independence. Chapter 2 Piano Foundation Course

What you’ll learn
Learn how to play the Piano by ear
Learn finger exercises for beginners
Learn how to strengthen your fingers
Learn how to gain speed and dexterity on the Piano
Develop hand independence on the Piano

Have a Piano or Keyboard
No prior Piano-playing experience needed

This is part 2 of the Gospel Keys Easy Piano Foundation course which contains the full chapter two of the course. This is a detailed Piano course for people who want to learn how to play the Piano by ear

Here Is the complete chapter two Piano Foundations Course Curriculum

Chapter 2: Finger Exercises

Foundational Finger Exercises

Advanced Finger Exercises

Advanced Finger Exercises Part Two

Chord Finger Exercises

Counter Motion Exercise (Develop Your Hand Independence)

Finger Exercises In all Keys

This course is a ten-part series. Check out my page to get the other parts of the course or you may just get the parts of the course you want to focus on.

“Have You Ever Felt This Way?”

You have a deep calling to be a musician, it has always attracted you, and you believe in your heart that one day, you will realize your full, musical God-given potential…

You’re all alone because there are no organized curriculums or higher institutions for your style of gospel music (try getting a degree in “Charismatic Shouting Music!”)… and the already successful musicians are either unwilling or too busy to teach you.

You’re embarrassed when it’s your turn to come behind a professional musician on the keyboard or organ. “How am I suppose to follow THAT?”

You’re embarrassed when it’s your turn to come behind a professional musician on the keyboard or organ. “How am I suppose to follow THAT?”

You’re overwhelmed by how much there is to learn. You’ve got melodies, chords, progressions, songs, movements, patterns… and you’re expected to learn all of this in ALL 12 keys. “Something’s gotta give!?!” “How do the pro’s master all of this?” “I’m a pretty smart person but I still can’t seem to retain ALL of this!”

You simply want to give God your BEST… and you’re not progressing at this as fast as you desire.

If any of these thoughts have ever crossed your mind, continue to read this page. The Gospel Music Training Center just might be what you’ve been looking for!

Perhaps you’re one of the people who believe that you can only learn how to play the Piano through a personal tutor. Well, Let me let you know that you might be wrong.

With the currently available technology in the world, you no longer need a one-on-one teacher to learn how to play the Piano if the lessons are done right.

The Gospel Musician Piano Foundation course is for people who want to learn how to play the Piano from scratch. So even if you know absolutely nothing about the Piano but you really want to learn and you want to save money while learning, this is the course you need.

This course is not a course that just brushes through concepts. This course was designed to literally help you learn how to play the Piano and without leaving you with any doubts that you are learning it right or wrong.

The average person thinks that they need a teacher to put them through and make sure they are doing the right thing. The good news is that this course takes all these things into consideration so you can be rest assured that while taking the course you will be getting pointers and reminders to help you stay on track and help you learn the right way.

This is a course that teaches you how to play the Piano by ear and also encourages you and gives you tips to keep improving and developing your musical ears as you learn.

It is no doubt that you will be getting all the one-on-one teacher experience from this course as you go along.

Learn Songs: This course does not only teach you how to play the Piano; it also teaches you how to play songs. You will learn how to easily play songs (25 songs) using single notes as well as play simple chord progressions to the same songs. You will also be able to download a chord progression guide that uses only numbers to help you sight play. So you can literally sight-play to songs without reading music notations.

This course is also packed with advanced lessons to help you start to become more proficient and confident like

How to use the keyboard transpose feature

Advanced chord progressions

How to transcribe songs

How to use the sustain pedal

and much more…

Who this course is for
Never played the Piano before
You want to learn the Piano by ear
You want to train your ears


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