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IOS Midi Routing In Midifire TUTORiAL

FANTASTiC | 30 March 2022 | 176 MB

iOS MIDI Routing Demonstrated
iOS MIDI routing in MidiFire is the most flexible and reliable way to connect your favorite music apps to your external instruments (or DAW). As an iPad musician, you need to know what’s possible on iOS. You’ve got the best apps and you want to use them to make music! Plus, this course offers you a quick-start Ableton project, so that you can get busy making music now.

Where You’ll Start…
This course starts by showing you that anything is possible with iOS MIDI routing on iPad. This course focuses on using MidiFire to connect apps and external gear reliably and easily. You’ll learn to use MidiFire’s drag-n-drop modules to setup MIDI routing in seconds. We’ll go over how to establish connections and learn about best practices (like cabled connections and isolated filters). Moreover, this course demonstrates round trip MIDI configurations between your iPad and your DAW (I’m using Ableton in this course).

Flexible, Professional & Portable – iOS MIDI
Getting up and running fast is the mark of a great course. So, this course offers a downloadable, quickstart Ableton Live project to help you get started. Then, you can follow along with the video lessons right away – learning as you go. Soon, you’ll see how easy it is to configure iOS MIDI routing using the MidiFire app. Establishing flexible connections between iPad apps and external devices (like your DAW) will feel familiar and easy. You can also send MIDI in either direction – from your DAW to an iPad synth or the other way round. This course shows you what you’ll need to set up a variety of flexible MIDI routing configurations. We’ll also discuss troubleshooting techniques for making your MIDI setup more professional and reliable. For flexibility, we’ll outline strategies for filtering MIDI, creating recallable ‘Scenes’ and using the MIDI Clock.

When You’re Finished…
When you’re done, you’ll complete a class project that will bring all of the topics into focus, helping you digest what you’ve learned. You’ll know how to create MIDI connections, understand best practices for reliability, do filtering, troubleshooting and use MIDI clock and Scene recall to add power and flexibility to your portable iPad MIDI music-making setup!

Course Content:

•2.Networking Best Practices
•3.Establishing Connections
•4.Synth App Output to DAW
•5.Filtering On/Off Messages
•6.Troubleshooting MIDI
•8.MIDI Clock
•9.Wrap-Up & Project


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