InfoBay-Out v1.0.0-DECiBEL

InfoBay-Out v1.0.0

DECiBEL | 29 Mar 2022 | 2.5 MB

Presenting the INFOBAY OUT device, an interface helper utility that allows you to similarly place labels to keep track of outputs in the Reason rack.

REASON OUT: Set the digits of Reason Output channels (as mono or stereo pairs)
HARDWARE OUT: Set Channel digits of Audio interfaces outputs (multiple interfaces)
OUT TO THE DEVICE: Set names of connected devices to the Reason Outputs
DEVICE TYPE ICON: Use devices icons to identify connected devices at a glance

All info from the Front panel is duplicated on the Rear and Folded panels.

Enter custom info into the 16×4 table about channels of the Reason Outputs as well as output ports of multiple Audio Interfaces.

INFOBAY OUT Rack Extension provides virtual labels for Audio Outputs using digits for routing channels, as well as names and icons of the connected devices.

With INFOBAY OUT, there is no longer a need to remember all of the routing info with channel digits and device names.


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