In Session With Kinnerman TUTORiAL-DECiBEL

In Session TUTORiAL

DECiBEL | 09 Apr 2022 | 3.21GB

Making his debut on the Mixtank, we’re In Session With… Kinnerman for a very special two-part masterclass that features a complete track walkthrough of “Higher” – his forthcoming single for Mixtank Records – and a ‘track-from-scratch’ session that showcases every step of his creative process.

With releases on Kaluki, Toolroom and elrow supported by the scene’s biggest names, his masterclass offers a unique insight into his approach to production and the techniques he uses to craft tracks that span the electronic music spectrum, from Tech-House to the progressive breaks of “Higher”.

Working in Ableton, his 140-minute masterclass will teach you a range of essential skills to help you develop your sound as well as your workflow.

You will learn:
– A creative approach when starting a new project and creating a track from scratch
– How to use an iPad in the production process to add an extra layer of interactivity with sounds and FX
– How Kinnerman takes a single idea or groove and turns it into a full and varied track arrangement
– A hands-on way to use Ableton that allows you to harness your inspiration when writing music and quickly develop new ideas on-the-fly

“Kinnerman – Higher” Track Walkthrough
– The Drums
– The Bassline
– The Instruments
– The Vocals

From Start To Finish
– Producing The Drums
– Writing Initial Melodic Ideas
– Developing The Ideas
– Crafting The Arrangement
– VOX Sample Development
– Automation & Transitions
– Improving The Progression
– Completing The Challenge

DAW – Ableton


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