Impact XT Explained TUTORiAL

Impact XT Explained TUTORiAL

11 February 2023 | 328 MB

If you’re a user of Studio One, you may or may not be familiar with the drum machine plugin called Impact XT. This is a powerful drum instrument that’s capable of creating killer beats, grooves, and sounds, and it’s already included with S1! In this detailed Impact XT video course, Studio One guru Eli Krantzberg shows you everything you need to know to start making use of Impact XT’s impressive list of features right away. You’ll learn all of its features and functions, plus how to layer samples, edit samples, filter and amp envelope controls, and much more. These videos are for those new to Impact XT.

Eli begins by covering the basic architecture of Impact XT and its main functions, so you’ll be able to jump right in and start making sounds right away. Then you’ll learn some useful tips on copying and swapping sounds between different pads as well as some creative applications for the various trigger modes. Also discover the myriad possibilities that exist with layering samples, including stacked, round robin, random, and velocity-based settings.

Next, you’ll explore choke groups and see how they can be creatively used on sources other than just hi-hats, including how the decay time interacts with the sample end point. Eli then demonstrates micro timing, where you’ll learn the offset parameters can change the timing of when a pad is triggered and which part of the sample is triggered.

Many more topics follow as well, such as the edit sample function (allows for independent parameter values for multiple samples on the same pad), pitch controls (for affecting the pitch of a sample over time), filter controls (affecting the timbre of a sample over time), amp envelope controls (affecting the volume of a sample over time), output routing (for sending the pads to separate outputs for more control in the mixer), loop slicing (using SampleOne XT for loop slicing and bringing in only selected slices to the pads of Impact XT), and more!

If you’ve never worked with Impact XT before, you really owe it to yourself to check out this Impact XT video course. It may well end up being the only drum machine plugin you need! The fact that it’s included in Studio One makes it a no-brainer. See the individual Impact XT video tutorial descriptions for more information and other ideas on how you can implement the plugin into your workflow and start creating killer drum tracks of your own. Watch “Impact XT Explained®” now!


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