Guitar Rig 5 4033 Procured User Patches-TeamCubeadooby

Guitar Rig 5 4 Procured User Patches

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Just install. The default location is correct, as it will only place uninstall files there.

This installs the user patches for Guitar Rig 5 that have been commonly found online over the years. It is highly recommend to remove this folder before installing (copy/paste to somewhere else, then delete it): C:Users%username%My DocumentsNative InstrumentsGuitar Rig 5Sounds

The reason for this is that this installer contains the procured version of everything. Duplicates have been removed, and patches have been named to something that makes more sense then how it all was. So, unless you have something special not shared publicly before or something like that, or your own patches, just rid the folder to start fresh. Otherwise, place back what you would like to keep, after the fact, as a suggestion.

These presets show and work in Guitar Rig 6, too. I believe you have to import them. There might be a patch of my own included. I faintly recall making a modulating one with the step sequencer. Try it out, I guess. heh – Ah, yes. “Sequencer Trem Fun”

You can go to Options | Preferences in GR5 when done, and click on “Scan” next to
“Scan for new Presets.” Even better and recommended is to “Reset” instead, just below it.

Rock on and enjoy!


18 presets (of which I don’t know which) are not tagged as “USER” so you will have
to not have filters on, on the top left of GR5, to find them. “USER” tag has
4015 presets. I said, rock! Make some God-damn fuckin’ noise! The “Ballerina” presets
for Vai are some good stuff.


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