Filter MS-20 v1.0.0.4176 macOS

Filter MS-20 v1.0.0.4176 macOS

20 December 2022 | 287 MB

This versatile plug-in not only includes the High Pass and Low Pass filters with individual
Cutoff and Peak (resonance) controls, but also includes a Stereo control that pans the two
filters and offsets their cutoff values for dramatic wide stereo effects.

There’s also a built-in Distortion with its own Low Cut and High Cut filters, which can be
switched with the Filter in the signal path – letting you explore how filtered distortion can
sound dramatically different than distorted filtering!

If that’s not enough, the Advanced Panel adds a set of three Modulators: an Envelope
Follower, Step Sequencer, and Function Generator, each of which can control multiple
effect parameters with different amounts. This gives you the power to animate your filter’s
behavior in a wide variety of ways – with the option to sync to your DAW’s tempo as well.

With everything from vintage-quality filtering to outrageously distorted special effects, Filter
MS-20 is a simple yet powerful representation of one of the most famous synth filters in
history… just without the synth.

Tested on Intel Only


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