Designers Plugin Pack VST/DX v2.4-TALiO

Designers Plugin Pack VST/DX v2.4-TALiO

TALiO | 18 May 2003 | VST / DX | 1,5 MB

Sound Designer’s VST/DX Plugin Pack contain 3 plugins: Phat, Pitch Shift Multiband and DaBomb.


Is a subharmonic synth. This plugin adds more low frequency harmonics content to your sound. Ideal for creating booms, guns and explosions.

Pitch Shift Multiband
Is a formant pitch shifter with preserving duration (i.e. it doesn’t change sample length), based on phase vocoder algorithm. Now with band selection and independent pitch control each band for precise / advanced pitch shifting. Perfect for vocals processing and creature screams.

Is a two mode distortion device: clipper + saturator and physically modeled tube screamer. Created to proceed explosions, guns and radio voice intercoms.

INFO/ DEMO : n/a

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