Complete Morse Code Pack MP3 WAV

Complete Morse Code Pack MP3 WAV

MP3 WAV | 3.36 MB

These are the sounds of Complete Morse Code Bundle (Letters & Numbers).
longer than any other electrical coding system. Morse code is transmitted using just two states (on and off). Historians have called it the first digital code, it may be represented as a binary code.
any sentences you like. animations, quizzes, presentations, music and lot more… Software developers and web designers can use those sounds to make applications which translate words and sentences to morse code.

You can use this pack in videos, trailers, movies, games, cartoons.

This is how morse code works:
Morse code is composed of five elements:

1. Dot – one unit long
2. Dash – three units long
3. Gaps between dots and dashes within character – one unit long
4. Gaps between letters – three units long
5. Gaps between words – seven units long
Morse code is usually heard at the receiver as a medium-pitched on/off audio tone. That’s why for the signal frequency I have choosen 800 Hz, which is exactly in the middle between mostly used frequencies 600-1000 Hz.
The unit length is equal to 50 ms which is 1/20 of a second. This unit length can give typing speed around 25 wpm.

Audio signal is peaking at -3 dBFS

How to use this item:
After every letter, punctuation or other symbol, in each audio file I leaved gap equal to three units, so you can place audio files one after another to make words. Whenever you want to make a space between word or after punctuation just put file named: “WORD GAP” after it. Technically this means that this “WORD GAP” file is equal to four units, to make required seven units as explained before. If you’re using sequencer, you can set project tempo to 150 bpm and then use thirty-second note values to precisely count 50 ms.

Additionally I have included three and one unit gap audio files as well as dot and dash without any gaps.

Generally, that is all you need to know, to make any text, but if you have any question, just email me and I will reply within 24h.

If you want to learn more by yourself, head over to this page:


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