Colors Vintage Synth for HALion

Colors Vintage Synth for HALion

29 March 2023 | 991 MB

Legendary synthesizers – sampled and combined
For a truly authentic vintage sound, Colors Vintage Synth is a wonderful collection of iconic sampled synthesizer sounds, which have been processed with different analog devices and then combined to create something completely new. Melt three synth layers together with an extra noise and theremin layer, then warp them further with LFOs, a mini-ARP and an FX section.

Combine up to 3 sounds from 9 legendary synthesizers
Bring sounds to life with tools like LFOs, mini-ARP and extra noise
Create almost limitless new presets with the random function
Add depth and character with filter and FX section

Warm, authentic and absolutely vintage: the sampled synths
Colors Vintage Synth melts recorded and processed samples from famous synthesizers like Yamaha’s CS60, the Prophet 5, Minimoog, Juno 60 and others together to create something completely new, yet sounds beautifully old. Explore endless new textures which sparkle with analog drifts, warm noises and sub-bass fatness.

About Cinematique Instruments
René Dohmen and Joachim Dürbeck have successfully been working as composers, producers and artists in the music industry. Their work covers everything from classical productions to electronic or even abstract-experimental music as well as numerous commissions for film scores. Always in search of new and unique sounds they decided to create and release their own sample libraries under the name of Cinematique Instruments.


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