Clone v1.0.0 [WIN macOS]-FLARE

Clone v1.0.0 [WIN macOS]

FLARE | 19 August 2022 | WIN: 102 MB | macOS: 107 MB

CLONE – Double Check your Mix
CLONE – Double Check your Mix

Introducing “Clone” a realistic emulation of different types of speakers with their acoustics and environments.
an ultimate mixing assistant that helps you to get better mixes instantly.

Clone simulates a wide range of playback speaker systems for auditioning purposes, from studio monitors, hi-fis and headphones, to car stereos, phones, tablets and TVs.
Choose from 16 different convolution-based speaker sims and quickly turn your studio monitors into classic reference monitors or get creative and “Colorize” your mixes.

“Everything you Need for a Perfect Sound”

We’ve added: Warm Distortion, LoFi Degrader, Color Knob to Control The Darkness or Brightness Of your Audio Signals, “Time Machine From VYBZ” as AGE Knob, and on top, Noise Player with 9 Unique & Professionally Recorded Textures for having extra control over the sound shaping.

“Real-Time Goniometer | Widener”

You can build complete environments for the speakers right here,

Just Grab and move the Speakers for an excellent wide or narrow Signal.


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