All The Stops – Voice Bank for Yamaha

All The Stops – Voice Bank for Yamaha

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This masterful Voice Bank from Motif programmer Ray Legnini takes a long and detailed look at church organs. The collection comprises 128 brand new Motif Voices that progress from classic pipe organ stops through dual-purpose organs, to a final modern, gospel-flavored batch ripe for a rotary speaker enhancement.

The bulk of the material plays like an audio encyclopedia of pipe organ stops, presenting a huge range of voices from the gentle and glistening to full blast ‘all stops out;’ from solo krumhorn, to tubular bells, flutes, diapaison, Gemshorn, classic full pipes, and much, more more.

Ray Legnini made a series of recordings in the pipe chamber of 70 rank Austin church organ in preparation for All The Stops, and it shows. This collection is both authentic (warts – and wheezes – and all) and thoughtfully presented since it does not rely upon effects.

You can compile your own ‘complete’ pipe organ by assembling different Voices in either a multi-timbral Mix (for sequencing) or a 4-Voice Performance (for live performance) applications. In either context, Voices in this sound library can be compiled without losing their individual character.

If you are using Motif in church All The Stops is likely to become an essential volume in your musical library since it lets you play or compile multiple manual pipe organ material directly from Motif.

For secular applications the need to re-create authentic church organs may not be so great, however since these voices are so full of character they will be gold dust for anyone looking for ‘organ atmospherics,’ including such specifics as a fairground organ.

Handy Performances are included, plus two User arpeggios provide some fascinating insights into the playing characteristics of church organ composers, from Bach to Saint-Saens.

The MP3 demos were played by Diane Legnini, an accomplished church organist and consultant on this project. The recordings were output from Motif straight to Digital Performer, i.e. no external processing.

Xeraser’s notes: works on any MOTIF (and MO) and should work on Montage/MODX. No samples included.


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