50 Series v1.0.2-TeamCubeadooby

50 Series v1.0.2 WIN

TeamCubeadooby | 08 March 2023 | 26 MB

Transform your DAW into an analog desk
There’s a tight and powerful sound to API® consoles, preamps, and EQs that have made them some of the world’s favorites for creating professional-sounding drums, guitars, synths, and more with attitude and presence. Thanks to Brainworx’s patented Tolerance Modeling Technology* (TMT), you can now access the most convincing model of these classic consoles ever, including the slight channel-to-channel variances in the values of their analog components.

Truly a universe of choices
The Lindell 50 Series does more than just model a single console. It provides you with an array of choices in the dynamics and EQ sections, allowing you to swap in your favorite style of these classic 500-series modules. Use them on busses or individual tracks.

Multiple EQ options
Choose between three classic EQs – the semi-parametric 50A EQ for three-band processing, the 50B for four bands, and the 60 for a precision graphic EQ for radically reshaping sounds in a way that’s as transparent and flexible as it is fun.

Two amazing compressors
The VCA compressor models API®’s high end 2500 series compressor, with additional controls to improve upon the original. Meanwhile, the included FET compressor got the tone, simplicity, and ease of use of the original 500 series, as it is modeled after the famous API® 525 compressor.

• 32 different TMT (US Patent No. 10,725,727) channel emulations in one plugin, just like a real console.
• Switch between 3 different EQs modeled after the most popular 500-series lunchbox designs.
• Switch between 2 different compressors, VCA, and FET.
• Emulation of classic API® noise gate and expander.
• Capture the full, tight, and punchy tone of the classic API preamps, with automatic gain compensation.
• Continuously variable THD and Virtual Gain controls to add colorful saturation and/or simulated analog noise independently or globally.
• Scalable UI to adapt to your screen size and workflow.
• Loaded with plenty of useful presets to give you a starting place for finding your sound.


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