Triplex Kicker v0.3.1 Regged WiN

Triplex Kicker v0.3.1 Regged WiN

demberto | 8 December 2022 | 1.45 MB

Synthesize massive kicks and thumping toms with the Triplex retro FM engine!

Triplex Kicker is a 3 operator FM synth specializing in kick and tom sounds. The sound can easily be manipulated with 6 simple controls and the unique integrated envelope generator shapes the sound in a way that makes it sound like a perfectly compressed kick. Use the filter to do DJ-style highpass filtering, the LFO for experimental shape-shifting tom sounds and top it all off with a dash of soft clipping with the drive control.


* 3 operator FM synth engine with up to 8 voices.
* Macro controls over pitch envelope amount, pitch envelope decay, DJ-style highpass filter, attack, tail and “body”.
* Sine wave LFO with shape control (sine, triangle, ramp up, ramp down, square, random) and user-definable destination.
* Drive control.


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